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What is special about your thermoforming machines?

Our design is aimed on pure efficiency. ROHDE Thermoforming machines CM420 and CM490, are very precise and solid and equipped with tilting technology. Energy consumption is very low due to our efficient design. The ideal and reliable systems for 24/7 production.

Is it possible to use steel rule technology?

Absolutely. The forming section is super precise and rock solid with best parallelity. The clamping force is very high and sufficient for steel rule cutting. Steel rule tools in combination with our solid Thermoforming machines are very economic, easy to use and absolutely reliable.

The quality of the cut is equal with cut in place with punch and die.

How are you facing competition from Far East?

Competition is vital for constant improvement in the ROHDE universe. Our customers know us for our honesty, reliability and good service. And, of course, our competitive prices. We are enjoying the game and especially winning!

Is a full automation available for the thermoforming machines CM 420 and CM490?

ROHDE thermoforming machines themselves as well as full functionary lines can be automated to any required level.

Who is your typical customer?

Mid sized companies with a broad product portfolio and the need for high flexibility appreciate the ROHDE Thermoformance factor. They are getting the best advantage from our technology. We note that recently also larger enterprises start to modify their lines towards higher flexibility.

Which markets are you exporting to?

ROHDE thermoforming machines and lines can be found on all continents. Our export share is 90%. Thanks to the robust design and reliability of the CM420 and CM490 sufficient service abroad is not a problem.

With this in mind ROHDE can assure a 12 months warranty even for a 3 shift continuous production.

How about service and spare parts?

ROHDE is offering an online maintenance and repair service. Most spare parts can be shipped off the shelf within 24 hrs.

Can I get a full line or just the thermoforming machine?

ROHDE THERMOFORMING SYSTEMS are entirely customised lines. From a single thermoforming machine, downstream equipment, accessories, tools to entire factory layouts. No limitations.

Is Thermoforming a sustainable and ecological technology?

Packaging and especially plastic waste have developed into a deep concern. Saving ressources and waste is one of the driving factors of ROHDE`s policy. It is vital in our pursue of long-term development.

ROHDE Thermoforming machines are designed to produce with all kind of recycled materials as well. Reduced sheet thicknesses are an important factor as well. Alternative and decomposable materials are the key to the future of ecological thermoforming.

Is up- and downstream equipment like the sheetwinder suitable for other thermoforming machines as well?

Absolutely. All our equipment can be used with other brands as well.

What is the maximum size and weight of the rolls?

1200 mm diameter, 640 mm wide. The weight can be max 750 kg

Can the pre heater be used for other Thermoforming machines?

Yes, the max width is 550 mm

What is the service life of the thermoforming tools?

This depends on the film material and the film thickness.

With APET with a thickness of 1.85 mm the service life is approx. Two million cycles, with cover foil with 0.25 mm thickness the service life is approx. Six to seven million cycles.

If polypropylene is processed, the service life is significantly longer.

The tools are manufactured with very high precision for maximum service life.

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