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The CM 400 Thermoforming Machines

Rohde CM 400 thermoforming machine

A super compact and user friendly machine with following advantages:

– flexible thermoforming machine for cups, lids, trays and special products, PP mono, multilayer material, Apet, OPS, PS.
– stable forming station for up to 1.85 mm sheet
– electronic adjustability of the punching cam
– precise moulding table alignment, double toggle kinematics
– easy use of steel rule tools
– Multi-row tools (2 or 3-row, up to 15 cavities)
– technology with punch plate and die plate
– 30% lower tool cost
– Tool cooling system for speed and quality
– Radiant heating system
– Servo Plug System, main drive, sheet transport = Industry 4.0
– Designed and made for longevity and durability
– Unique 12 months warranty in three shift system
– Super-fast, and user friendly tool change over
– PLC and color touch screen with recipe storage
– Very low maintenance efforts
– Tailor made automation

The thermoforming machines from the CM series use a tilting technology controlled by an electronic curve, which allows to have very high cutting forces, a variable punching cam, these two factors are fundamental to reach high production rates and therefore an economical production.
We also offer Steel rule tools as a more economically option to boost ours clients production.
From the thinnest sheet up to 2.5 mm thick it can be processed in this machine, with a forming area of 490 mm x 250 mm and a depth of 155 mm.
CM490 – Electronic
This model implements an electronic curve which allows to maximize the production cycles, all kind of sheet cab be processed on area and depth in this machine.