Innovative Packaging:
Not a problem for our Tooling.

Our approach in the design and manufacturing of thermoforming machines is also extended to the manufacturing of our tooling.

We manufacture tooling for any given thermoforming machine, tooling with thermoforming and punching, also just thermoforming tooling and punching tooling as well.

Our company philosophy can be defined as the constant pursuit of production optimization, our tooling are in production all over the world.

Due to our constancy and the quality standards that we pursuit, our clients can enjoy a high reliability in their production processes and a great durability of the tooling.

Innovation is always our challenge and we take it with the greatest commitment.

Our thermoforming tools offers trouble-free production process, a very high number of cycles per minute with a great durability.

High quality materials, manufactured with precision and the centered on maintenance designs guarantee to our clients a secure investment.

Always keeping up with the tech development, and the new clients┬┤ requirements allow us to offer state of the art technology.