The Perfect System

For long Term Production

High Quality Plastic Packaging
Economically Produced.

The thermoforming machines from the CM series use a tilting technology controlled by an electronic curve, which allows to have very high cutting forces, a variable punching cam, these two factors are fundamental to reach high production rates and therefore an economical production.

We also offer Steel rule tools as a more economically option to boost ours clients production.

From the thinnest sheet up to 2.5 mm thick it can be processed in this machine, with a forming area of 490 mm x 250 mm and a depth of 155 mm.

CM490 – Electronic

This model implements an electronic curve which allows to maximize the production cycles, all kind of sheet cab be processed on area and depth in this machine.

With our own manufacturing department, we can guarantee the maximal quality of all our machinery, offering our clients an excellent quality – price deal.

Stack the products directly on the on the stacking system, we offer two different systems one with counting option and the other one static pipes.

The modular design of this machine allows to offer a lot of flexibility in the machine size,
being a very attractive option when production space is a concern.