Thermoforming Machines,
Tooling, Handling and Stacking Systems,
Rubber cutting machines,
Special Machinery.

More than 30 years of experience on design and construction of high quality thermoforming machinery and tooling.

Our great experience and the drive to offer our clients high quality machinery, had lead us to reach the mature as a company.

That is the reason  why we can offer machines which can process either from  the thinnest to the  thickest sheet and a wide variety of materials, delivering a high rate of cycles per minute.

High quality material, high presicion mechanic and the know-how from our employees allows us to offer robust machinery for the long term service.

Round, oval, square cups, and the suitable lids, furthermore the possibility to label them.
Our Tooling equipment can satisfy any requirement.

The fast product stacking approach offers a very short product manufacturing time, with that we can offer an economic advantage to the production process.